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The current version is 1.5, new options have been added since version 1.2. The new version, 1.5, requires a Fortran90 compiler and supports OpenMp and GPU calculations. Version 1.5 is significantly faster, speed increases of more than a factor of 4 have been found.

Solving the phaseproblem in crystallography is a necessary requirement for getting the molecular structure from your diffraction experiment. This is accomplished usually in one of two ways:
  1. Direct methods, based on statistic relations between structurefactors
  2. Patterson search methods.
Crunch is a direct methods program with a difference. Instead of using the usual triplet relation to determine the phases, Karle Hauptman matrices are used.
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If you use Crunch, in any resulting publication please refer to:
Automatic Determination of Crystal Structures using Karle-Hauptman Matrices.
R. de Gelder, R.A.G. de Graaff & H. Schenk,
Acta Crystallographica A49 (1993), 287-293.

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