Crank Download

Crank1 and Crank2 are both distributed in the CCP4 suite. Both pipelines can use ARP/wARP, RESOLVE and/or SHELX[C/D/E] if they are installed on your system.

Crank version 2.X

Available in CCP4 version 6.4.0 update 12 and later.

Suitable for SAD phasing: see Skubak and Pannu (2013) Automatic protein structure solution from weak X-ray data. Nature Communications 4: 2777 doi:10.1038/ncomms3777

Crank version 1.X

Available in CCP4 version 6.2 and older.

Suitable for SAD, SIRAS, MAD and MAD+native phasing.

Support for iterative model building with ARP/wARP and a SAD and SIRAS likelihood function in REFMAC.

Support for MULTICOMB, a program for multivariate phase combination that can be used in combination with either SOLOMON or PARROT for density modification.

AFRO, BP3, CRUNCH2, GCX and MULTICOMB are released under the GPL.