BP3 is a new program for obtaining phase information from an S/MIR(AS) and/or S/MAD experiment(s) by multivariate likelihood estimation.

Please visit the download page to get the current stable version and further information.

BP3 has the easy to use and familiar ccp4i graphical user interface.

For more information on the theory of the program and its performance compared to currently available phasing packages, please visit the references section.

For substructure detection and automated substructure solution, please visit the the CRANK website for information of CRUNCH2 and CRANK.

An interface to BP3 also exists in EMBL-Hamburg's pipeline, Auto-Rickshaw and MIFit from MIFit/Rigaku.

Bp3 is free software distributed under the GNU GPL.

Please report any bugs. Suggestions for improvements will also be appreciated!